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CZ Kadet

Tyler Payne

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Will it works with my girlfriends CZ75 ts? She wants to practice but neither of us can afford the .40 ammo.

Might fit, but the frame is much larger than the Kadet slide. I have both. I'll try the combo on my TS this afternoon, but there is most likely going to be over an inch of frame left in front of the muzzle.

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I suspect they won't work together.

The slide may fit on the frame (same rail dimensions), but the TS takes wider magazines.

edit: I can test this on New Years if Albert doesn't get to it first.

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The slide fits on my TS, but like everyone else was saying the mags don't work.

On another note (and something I just thought of), Angus makes a conversion kit for the TS to accept '75B mags. AL thin grips with a different interior cut, and a Shadow mag release. I've been wanting to get mine setup that way (I can get more 9mm in normal 75 mags than TS mags) but always forget. Providing the slide works out fit-wise, I think it's entirely possible you might get the mags to work with the conversion.

Just a thought....

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