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Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!

How do we Contribute $$ to BrianEnos.com/Forums?


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This is one forum I would gladly support with some cash. I only have a little (very little) but if we all pitch in a little...well you know. :cheers:

I don't really have a business to pimp on here...at least that is directly gun related. Can non-shooting biz advertise in the vendor area...other options?

I also feel more inclined to give money here because I'm not hounded to do so...

Thanks Brian and all you mods!

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Without Brian's forum here, I would have probably never even heard of one of his dealers: Shooter's Connection.

I have probably spent about $2,000 with Chuck Bradley's Shooter's Connection since I found out about it here.

And I have all sorts of wish lists already typed and ready to go.


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Buy yourself a Christmas present and send a little to help keep this place running.

This is the 2nd best source of shooting related info I have. I can trust that anything posted here for longer than an hour or so has been looked at by someone much more knowledgable than me. If only paypal had a "Send beer to the mods" button.... :)

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