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.38 Super VS. .38 Super Rimless


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38 superrimless has a smaller diameter at the base so it stacks up in the magazine

tighter and ads 1 to 2 rounds more than regular 38 super. You can measure the base

with your caliper and compare the two.

38tj brass if you are wondering, has also a small diameter at the base PLUS

the wall of the case INSIDE the brass is a stronger design case and wont bulge after

firing and reusing the brass compared to regular 38super and super comp. An undersize EGW die is a must

to re size these brass down properly. You can buy them from Henning's website.

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I have dillon xl 650 . With not rimless brass I had any problems at all. Now bagan to reload rimless Armscor 38 sa . I have changed my not rimles #5 Shellplate - #13509 to #3 Shellplate - #13345. And nothing more changed. Have problem. Sometimes my brass from #5 Station 1 Locator - #13546 reach shelplate pocket, but didn't go in. ... jam... Maybe somone had this problem and solved it. My be I must change station #5 Station 1 Locator - #13546 to other ? or I may go back with my old #5 Shellplate - #13509 ? Please , help me.

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