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springfield p9 world cup


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Hi guys hoping you can help me out I looked at a Springfield p9 world cup today it's 9x21 and I am thinking about buying it, one of the questions I have is can I get a differant barrel for it I load for 9mm and 38 super I would probably be leaning towards the 9mm the guy wants 600.00 dollars for it is it worth the money also where can I get more mags for it any help would be appreciated its a beautiful gun should have bought right there but not sure exactly what it was thanks in advance for any help AJ

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I'm sure others with experience on those guns will post, but I can give you a little info to get started.

They are a copy of the CZ75, the small frame CZ, and Tanfoglio parts, and mags should fit. Most of the guns sold now are large frame guns, and you can't count on interchangeability.

They did not hold up well under the 175 power factor when they came out. Modern loads, and 165 pf will help, but there are not a lot of smiths who know them well. I would not expect to keep one running for less than a 2011.

600$ is very tempting, but it is not as big a bargain as you might think.

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Call up Briley and talk to Claudio.. he may have some P9 barrels..also give EGW a call and talk with Geo. he may have a lead on some too.

mags...check small frame EAA or P9 mags still exist.

no go on the 38 super. front to back dimension is too short. the gun is a 9mm. 9x21 was just to get by the rules of the time.

mine held up beautifully to the 175PF..I was running 124 and 115 bullets 180 PF for two years and no breakages.

the World Cup is a great gun and is some great gunsmithing from Springfield.

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I've got 2 Springfield Factory Comp P9's in 40 S&W, both have held up pretty well. You might have some problems with the amby safety (it was a 2 part safety, one piece slides in from each side, has a tendency to break in the middle where the spring fits) but just buy a single side safety and you'll be good to go. I've also broke a slide stop and an ejector, and when I did some research, it seems that was a common problem with these. I just bought the equivalent CZ part and voila! Problem solved, fit perfectly. As for mags, either CZ or Mecgar, I use all Mecgar, pretty common...

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I bought my P9 from a guy on this board. Seems I gave around $700 for it and a bunch of extras. Something didn't get disclosed when he sold it to me, however... It was NOT a standard P9 LS, instead I cycle the slide and find out it was a World Cup. The World Cup is in a whole 'nother league in quality. They are (were) hand assembled and fitted in the Springfield Custom Shop. They had cone comps, were hard chromed, and were ready for competition out of the box. And the last MSRP was $2935, if that gives you an idea in the difference in the WC.

If it is indeed a World Cup, buy it!! I'd suggest leaving it as a 9x21, as they are hand fitted and extremely accurate guns... They were based on the small frame Tanfoglio, so 38 super is out of the question. 170mm mags are hard to find, but other parts are still available for them.

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