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Good Housing locations in Albuquerque N.M.

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I have a friend that is on a rush move to Albuquerque. She found a Realtor over the phone.

I told her I would check here about good or bad Neighborhoods / parts of Town

One location is "728 Loma Vista N.E."

5801 Lowel St N.E. 21A

6800 VISTA Del Norte new condo


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Don't know the neighborhoods-will leave that up to someone actually from Albuquerque. You can get a street view of the house from using Google Maps or a similar program.

Yes the Realtor can help them with that. Its is a car safe on the street for more than 1/2 hr type information.

A Realtor put my Daughter in a bad area in Alabama a few years back.

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I don't recall the neighborhoods there very well, so I can't help with that. Maybe Taterhead or Rocket35 can help out. AQ has some bad areas (hey, that's why they were on COPS a lot). I do recall that anything south of Central is usually bad news. R,

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