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I guess it's time to put my ego aside, and let the world see my improvements or regressions. This past year (2009) I made it to 7 major IDPA matches, and shot 2-3 local IDPA or USPSA matches a month. I've made it to SSP master by winning SSP/EX at the MI state match, and missed 1st CDP/SS by .01 seconds. The rest of the majors were less than stellar.

I've been attempting to improve for a little over a year, and have made some improvements, but it's time to get serious and put all my energy into being the best shooter I can be.

As Stated above I'm a MA class SSP, a SS in CDP in IDPA. I am a Middle to high C class Limited shooter in USPSA.

I have several goals for the 2010 season, and several leading into the 2010 season. Here's a brief outline of my goals:


Lose 41 lbs. This doesn't have to be completed before my first match, but will be a constant goal, to lose and maintain the lose. I'm currently 241lb, on a 6'1" frame. Needless to say I lose a lot of time just in movement because I have to tow this wheel along. Well, no more. Yesterday I joined Cardinal Fitness and will do 1hr mon-fri before work. Switching between cardio and weights throughout the week. I've cut out all the greasy crap I've been eating and now eating more grilled chicken, salads, veggies as snacks, and actually eating breakfast which I never do. I'm going to focus on low carb, low fat, and smaller portions.

Dry-fire 5 days a week. I've got 1/3 scale targets up all around the house, and have taken to running 10 reps of at least 5 drills each night. I will list the drills I'm doing and my baselines each day here.

Live-fire 1 day a week. I have access to an indoor range throughout the winter at my club, so I have chosen 10 drills to work on at live fire. I will do some dry-fire warm ups, then start my drills. Each drill will be run twice throughout the night, not back to back. I will record the time and points for each string.

2010 Season

2 major USPSA matches. This year I am shooting the Double Tap Championship and the Area 5 match. My goal is to take 1st in my class. I know the competition will be fierce, but I intend to earn that position. I will stick to my pre-season goals to complete this goal.

8-10 major IDPA matches. It is my goal to take DC in every match I shoot SSP, and at least beat every shooter in the next higher class when shooting CDP.

These are my goals for the 2010 season. I WILL meet these goals. If I am defeated at a match it is not because I didn't work hard for it, it is because the person who beat me worked HARDER for it.

Thanks for reading, I'll keep this updated at daily or at least every other.


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Wow, when it rains it pours around here. MAd eit out to the range on friday night for some practice, and then took yesterday off to plow snow and build some targets stands. Here are the drills I ran friday night, and the times.

I started out just shooting a 10rd group at 10yds to loosen up. The group wasn't my tightest, but I didn't have anything outside the -0 (using IDPA targets since I have an abundance), No two shots where more than 2in apart. I run each drill then I start over and run them all a second time. If I don't run it clean, I will run them til I do.

Bill Drill: I run these at 7, 15, and 25 yards.

7yds: 1st 4.02 2nd 3.56

15yds: 6.81

25yds: 9.35 9.08

The second run at 15 was getting worse with each try. so I decided that I should stop to prevent learning anything bad.

2 Reload 2 Reload 2: Only -0 runs count. I use this to keep track of my reload times. all shots at 10yds.

First run: 2.19 2.19 total: 7.79

second run: 2.19 2.40 total: 7.57

Transition drill: 2 targets 15 ft apart, one shot on each alternating for 10rds. 10 yard shots.

1. 1.20 1.32 1.50 1.87 1.25 1.46 1.22 1.40 1.17 total: 14.37

2. 1.12 1.04 1.10 1.08 1.11 1.09 1.09 1.14 1.14 total: 12.57

Strong hand index: draw and fire one shot strong hand only. 10yds. shot this 6 times.







Weak Hand Index: Draw switch to weak hand and fire one shot only. 10yds. 6 times.







Walking the triangle: Steve Andersons Drill from Refinement and repetition. only had 5 yards between positions.



It felt good shooting the drills. I need to work on finding my FS faster, but I am getting better with the new Sevigny sights. I move like a Frankenstein cow through the triangle. I find myself standing up to shoot instead of staying low the entire time.

I have a lot to work on, that is for sure. I'm prepared to do the work, so let the practice begin.


Shot a off-duty PPC match today. Groups where good, opened up a bit at the 15yd line. I know I rush the shots. It's hard to get used to a Par time instead of the "quick time" we are used to.

Hitting the Gym tomorrow morning for the beginning of my workout schedule.

Wish me luck, This will either make a better competitor or kill me. :surprise:

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Well, After a 2 week break due to the snow/work I finally made it to the range for some practice. Worked on Transitions and then ran a few stages. Felt good about most of it. Need to slow down, and get my hits.

Hopefully the weather will allow me more practice, while still providing the money to shoot all year. :D

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