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Sparks during dry fire?


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I saw this on another forum, looking for input. I thought I'd post it here.

On a local CCW forum, I happened to mention that I had just picked up a new 442. A guy PM'ed me and said that he had just bought one as well and that when he dry-fired it he was seeing a spark. I told him he might want to call S&W since that sounded weird (mine doesn't do it and I've never heard of that happening). He e-mailed S&W and got a reply back saying that it was normal.

Anyway, I told him I'd ask around...

this was the reply he got back from Smith:


Hello, the firing pin is and bushing are Titanium and they will spark, this is normal.



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My 442 did this every dryfire for years. At some point it stopped. The sparks are coming from the firing pin riding part of the flash hole in the breach face, and are not an issue. I am guessing mine eventually wore down one or both parts and stopped hitting with enough friction to spark.

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Remember when the flint in your Zippo wore out and it didn't work anymore?

I hope that doesn't happen to my revolver. :surprise::unsure:

Bill, unless you are going totally retro and carrying a flintlock pistol, you have nothing to worry about. But knowing you revolver guys....

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a friend had a 'jet' comp that was made out of Ti, and he was using AA#7 and man.....the light show out ofthatthing was impressive, always wanted to measure the comp baffle erosion, but he sold it long ago, so ifthe firing pin insert is made of Ti, dont know why you wouldnt getthe same result???? tho from the friction generated by the firing pin is a lil scary....

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Curiosity got the best of me. Had to try this with my 638. Went into the next room, turned out the lights, pulled the trigger, and a BIG spark about three feet long came out of the barrel. And it was accompanied by a very disturbing KA-BOOM. Are you supposed to unload the gun before trying this???? :roflol:

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