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Classes During the Week?

Graham Smith

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This is pure speculation at this point...

A few of us have been talking to a range owner about arranging for some "Practical Shooting Clinics" next year. The main problem is, range time is hard to come by - many weekends are already booked or the training team is booked elsewhere.

So the question has come up, would it be practical to set up classes during the week and would people take time off work to attend? If yes, then what days would work the best (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri, other)?

What do you think?

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Jake's suggestion sounds good, if the trainers are available on an ongoing basis. Prolly wouldn't work well for the big name travelling instructors.

Personally, I have weekends to give to classes, and maybe weeknights. Weekdays are available only if I take time off, and I don't have enough to be willing to do that for training.

May be that I'm just not committed enough, but that's how I see it. I'll close the squawker and let others offer their points of view.

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I would try and set up a weekly 2 hour league kind of deal where you break down one technique per week, or something of that nature.

That is a definite possibility once the days get longer. Unfortunately, many of the people who might want to attend are 2 or more hours drive away.

One other possibility is to do one-day intensive workshops on Friday starting around 10am and going into the early evening, which also opens up the possibility of including a low-light session by starting around noon and going until after dark.

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