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Graham Brammall

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I'm Currently installing the flat trigger system along with EGW hammer & sear and Hennings pin kit. I'm managing to get through most of it ok, thanks to a lot of tips from everyone on this forum, however I seem to be hanging up occasionaly on the hammer half cock, does it usually require attention? if so what and where, probably a dumb question but is the half cock required at all or could it be removed. Thanks for any help and a big thanks to everyone posting tips on the flat trigger thread, they have been a huge help.



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Unfortunately it seems to be necessary to remove the half-cock on 'most?' of the trigger jobs. I've done a few where everything seems to work fine without having to do so, but on mine I've removed them completely. As long as you hammer & sear doesn't follower it will be fine. Almost after a trigger job, only load your mag with one or two rounds to make sure it doesn't go full-auto on you..

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