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LNL AP for rifle


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The only draw back I can see is using extruded powder. The powder measure is activated by the case. The case mouth pushes up on a steel funnel to activate the powder rotor. If you are using extruded powder sometimes the powder grains do not shave but will bind in the rotor and you end up with a damaged [rounded over] case mouth. You know when it happens just like measuring powder by hand but the case takes the force .

Not too frequent and can be avoided by using a ball powder.

Still I do load using varget and get no more than 2/10 - 3/10 grain differences.

If I am loading 600yd loads, I use my powder dispenser/scale to weigh the charges and place a funnel on the press at the 3rd position. When I raise the case to that position the funnel self centers on the case mouth and I drop the powder in that way.

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I reload for my varmint rifles on my Hornady progressive press. 22 Caliber cases can have powder bridging issues with 4895 or like powders. The largest I load on my progressive press is 40-65 or 270, not sure which is longer but anyway the press works just fine

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I load .223 on my LNL. I do all the case prep on a single stage and then just prime, powder seat and crimp in the LNL. I use BLC(2) and it works fine in the Hornady Measure. Just make sure you do no lube any thing on the entire powder measure assembly....Clean and dry.

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