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STI Magazine Spacers

Chris Spiess

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When using STI mags and Smith's spacers. What OAL for 9mm major with MTG 125 CMJ and HP?

I load my 9mm Major - MG 124's CMJ to 1.165 in STI mags with spacers, I also load 9mm minor in Steelmaster to the same OAL 1.165 and they all have worked just fine

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SVI mags do not require a spacer. The best spacer for STI tubes is this one, and it is .058 thick.


Hey Mike did you guys just start carrying those?

We have had them for a while. The best OAL seems to be 1.155-1.165.

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Say folks , has STI changed their 9mm/38 mags to be more friendly to 9mm major.

Im asking cause I dont have an older STI 9mm/38 mag that seemed to be problematic with 9mm major,

Ive been intending to see what I can do with the STI mag for some time now=I got a little bit of

time in the shop so I bought a new STI mag to mess with. I dont recall the older STI mags having

a groove going all the way up towards the front of the mag like this new one does.

The quality of this STI mag is an improvement on the last few SVI mags Ive had to get working,

the inside back of the SVI mags have a dip or two towards the inside top that presents a problem

for the 9mm round to feed up without trying to nose dive.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Sailors ;):devil:

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