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Macbook Pro and Display Resolution


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My GF was complaining that all the windows - internet browser, folders, system prefs, etc. - are huge. So I looked and they were. For a standard sized web page, you had to scroll left/right big time to see the whole page. I don't remember it being like that when I set it up for her - because it's really irritating to work on.

The only way I found to get everything looking nice and clean again was to adjust the display resolution in the System Prefs to 1344x840. It was set at 1024x640 - which is what the System Profiler says the display resolution should be.




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Mine is 1440 X 900.

Go to the Apple Menu

About this Mac

Select Graphics/Displays and it should show you the native resolution.

The only resolution display there is the resolution I select in Sys Prefs/Displays. Which is now 1400x900, and it looks perfect.

Thanks everyone.


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