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.30 Rem AR


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I was just looking through this months (December) American Rifleman and saw the full page ad for the Remington R-15 in a fairly new calibre, the .30 Remington.

My question to the gunsmiths on this forum is: Do you think it is possible/practical to re-chamber my 16" Colt 7.62x39 to the .30 Remington? My Colt barrel slugs out at .3095 and shoots regular .30 cal reloads with bullets made for the .308 very nicely. The barrel is stamped C MP which indicates a chrome chamber but not a chrome bore I believe.

I don't know much about the .30 Rem other than from the ad it looks like a fat x39 or a short .308. Would the bolt from the x39 work? What about the gas port pressure, buffer and spring?

This is a conversion that could turn out to be very interesting for those that have AR's in 7.62x39, especially if it were easy and inexpensive to do.

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Short answer on rechamber is no

30 RAR is its own animal...parent is the 284.

30 cal is cool in an AR...but 6.5 grendel has it beat hands down.

In most cases its best to just build a new upper for a cal change.

You can have one lower and several uppers, you can change out cals in seconds..and have optics set up with zero on each.



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