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How to reach Dan Burwell?


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I've lost Dan's number so I sent him a few emails (from his web site - contact link) and left a PM on this forum - Anyone know if he's around?

Just looking to send a couple of M&Ps down to him and wanted to verify w/ him first -


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hi, sending dan burwell my mp9. need to ask him an important question before shipping. sent email but he only reads them when he is in( wed&fri.) need to contact him before wed. anyone know his phone number. i know its unlisted( don`t blame him)but its really important!!! any help out there? thanks very much if someone has it!

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I have no idea what to do. Dan has done three triggers for me, a M&P40, M&P40c, and lastly an M&P45. I had sent the info with the 45 as to what I wanted as far as weight was concerned. When I got it back, it was about a pound over what I wanted. I notified him and he said to run some rounds through it and if I wasn't satisfied to let him know and he would fix it. I did run about 100 rounds through it and still not where I wanted it or any better. Now I am unable to get any answer from him. The others were fine, but I am disabled and that much weight difference makes the difference between center mass and missing. I had asked him to go a bit ligher than the others by about 1/4 pound, but if it was close to the other two, so be it, but it wasn't. This was in March of 2014 and I have not fired it since. I am certainly not going to ship it blindly. I have tried everything including snail mail, nothing. Any ideas?? It's a pretty dangerous paperweight.

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I'm sure Dan is around...he can be elusive but he'll pop up. Keep trying his number and email, he will eventually answer.

Ain't that the truth! Poor Dan, used to be a thread about once a month about not being able to get ahold of him. Then all of a sudden he showed up and everything was good..... Until the next month. He does awesome M&P work but he is indeed elusive. I have never heard anything bad about his work or about him ripping anybody off though.

There is bound to be somebody on here who can get in touch with him. I'm sure it will work out in the end

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its difficult to get the 45 pull weight the same as a 9/40 with all other aspects being equal. They are a significantly more robust trigger system.

and if you can tell a 1/4# difference in a M&P youre better than me.

Shoot me a price on the 45 if you want to sell it. Im looking for a 45 with a nice trigger.

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Hello all,

Like others I'm trying to reach Dan. I've sent emails over the last 6 weeks but with no reply.

Does anyone have a contact number for him. I have only ever gone through his website.

Its a shame, I've heard nothing but great things about his work. I wish he would respond.


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