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As many of you know, I switch off from either loving or hating .22 rimfire kits and .22 weapons in general... :rolleyes:

I have been trying to run variations of the Ruger 22/45 with the Tacsol kits for a couple of years, and spent a lot of time dicking with it, and gave up.

When I had to send it my TacSol 1911 kit for some upgrades that I wanted, I spoke to Lon at the Factory and recounted that I had been told that the Ruger kits were supposed to work on the older 22/45 kits, and he confirmed that. I then told him my tale of woe involving trying to get two frames to run for years.

He said, Send it in. Two months later I get a call yesterday when I picking up my son at school. It was the damn mags, and he figured it out and got them running.


I can honestly say from the factory guys I have shot with at the Steel Challenge to sharing a cocktail with the Bosses themselve down to the Customer Service folks I talk to that they are a top notch company, and their products are what we want, as serious shooters.

They will get my hard earned cash, and I will let anyone that wants to play with my toys know that as well!

A non-compensated happy customer!

Doug Carden

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