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Rebarrel .223 to 6.8SPC/Grendel

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Not to taint this thread so early with post #2, but... what do you plan on using this upper for?

I will leave it at that, for now... :unsure:

but yeah, I think you need a new barrel, a new bolt for sure, new mags...heck... I dunno... you might need a new buffer too.

Back not too long ago, when the Kotonics website was up and running, I could swear I saw complete uppers going for about $1K. :wacko:

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I asked a local shooter that when he posted on another forum that he couldn't get a DPMS .308 AR to run...he said that the brass and the bullets were either too hard to find or too expensive for the 6.5/6.8...so he went with the .308 instead. I guess he sent the DPMS .308 AR back and got an FN AR instead, and it just runs and runs and runs.

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The 6.5 bolt is the same as the 7.62x39.

But thats all that is really needed. A new barrel,bolt and muzzle device. Everything else works.

With a long enough barrel.....the 6.5 is great to 1000. I like a 24" to poke way out there but a 20 will do what you want well.

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For 6.5Grendel you need new barrel, bolt and magazines. And while the 7.69x39 bolt head will work, there are some minor differences in dimension on the bolts from AA. I'd recommend you get directly from them.

Also, regarding brass; on the 6.5, you can use 7.62x39 that has been necked down to .264 caliber. Problem can be finding any that is boxer primed and worth reloading, but it's out there.

If it isn't already obvious, I fall into the 6.5 crowd. But my fairly unbiased opinion is this;

If you predominantly reload consider the 6.5mm. If you want to shoot factory ammo go 6.8mm.

Out to 400-500 yards terminal performance isn't enough to matter. Beyond that there is an edge for the 6.5.

Inherent accuracy and BC seems to tip in favor of the .264. But they keep improving both both calibers. It's debatable which one is better right now. Longer range I think there is still a slight edge to the 6.5, mainly because there are plenty of bullet options out there and a little more case capacity.

Enough to matter for your intended use? Probably not.

Option 3, shoot .308. (Or I'm leaning .260 remington, but that's just because I want to keep with the .264 theme ;) )

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