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Purdue Basketball


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Had to wait a few games to see if it was just hype, but now I think I can brag just a bit...


4th in the nation!!!

Haven't got to watch all the games. I guess the offense isn't clicking at all times. Don't care if they keep winning! Conference play is coming up and MS and OS are both ranked. Gotta keep that D strong!


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About as much chance as Rick Mount suiting up. I always think that number one seeds and being undefeated are sure ways to never get to the Final Four, unless you are UCLA and John Wooden is your coach. See-I got the two best Purdue players in one post!

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Everyone is talkin they have a serious chance of pulling a #1 seed for the Tourney!

I think if we finish down 3 that's a real possibility. AND if we do go in as a #1 I think we are a lock for the final four. Unfortunately I don't think the boys are playing the caliber of ball that Kansas or even Kentucky are this year, but who knows once the dance starts!!!

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I will add a WooHoo go Purdue to this topic. Although I am an Auburn Grad (usually not much to brag about in basketball season)I spent two weeks at Purdue getting some education in Nuclear Pharmacy. In my mind that gives me the right to be a Purdue fan during basketball season. So I say, GO PURDUE!!!!

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Well as all that follow college basketball already know tragedy has struck Purdue basketball. One of the major, if not THE major part of our offense, Robbie Hummel injured his knee and is out for the season. This as we had just broken into #3 in the nation, probably a #1 seed going into the brackets AND to make it worse #1 Kansas and #2 Kentucky just lost!!!

There really is no justice...


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Well, I have to admit that I've been on the same band wagon as the sports talking heads. With Robbie out I've not given the Boiler's much chance. BUT,,,

The boys are fighting hard!!!

Texas A&M 61 at Purdue 63

Whoo Hoo!!!

Go Boilers!!!

Sweet 16 here we come!!!

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