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Does this seem like a perfectly good waste of 9mm brass?


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What say you?

Yeeeaah, not so much :wacko:

I seriously doubt his "and good shooting too" part since no part of a 9mm case is larger than .392"....well undersized. I wonder where he's getting data for when loading that combo? I shudder to think that people like this are shooting crazy combinations at public ranges with other folks around.

Since he's a sniper (yeah, right), I wonder if he picked up this tidbit off Police Ninja magazine....

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Unless, in swaging them the whole 9mm case gets fatter.

Meh... :mellow:

Could be....I still can't imagine you'd get a good seal between the brass case and the bore. Still, the work involved makes me wonder if this guy has waaaay too much time on his hands! R,

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I would be curious to see what the expansion looks like on this thing. I would expect that the reason for making this bullet would have to do with what it does to a human target or maybe one protected by a vest.. Sometimes there are darker reasons behind being creative. After all, he is a Sniper :)

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I gotta say, knowing how to make your own bullets if you need to in a pinch, can't be a bad thing.

At least it got us thinking......how many of us discard our .22 brass when they could be made into rifle bullets with a Corbin swager kit.....LOL I know, getting a second mortgage to buy it is another thread..... :wacko:


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