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Reloads failed to feed


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Hello All!

A couple of days ago, I attended a reloading class.

I got to reload some of the brass I had. I used Speer 185 gr SWC-TMJ Match (part #4473).

I reloaded 3.9 gr of Bullseye Powder and I used Winchester Primers.

When I tried them out in my predator, most of them jammed (stovepipe), didn't chamber properly and were ejected towards the front of the pistol, not the back.

What can be the problem? Not enough power to cycle the action properly? Improper size (they fit in a case measuring device).

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sounds like not enuff powder to cycle the slide with the given power recoil spring you have in your gun, 2 ways to go about this, you can up the powder charge to get the needed slide velocity to fully eject the spent case, and you can change the ejector to a longer ejector to the brass exits earlier, sounds like it has a 'standard' ejector in it if the cases are endimg up forward and right of the shooter, one other thing you can do if you like that powder charge is to drop the recoil spring weight to get the desired ejection

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