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What class to have


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Ok so over the last year Milan Rifle club has hosted a few clases. We are looking to do 1 or maybe even 2 more this year

We have had

Ben Stoeger

Matt Cheeley

Max and Travis

So what now

Any one From milan or surrounding area have someone they would definetly like to see?

Any other club heads have any classes that have done well at your club?

Any one been to a class and it was so good you wanna go again?

I am looking for ones we could host...SO gimmie your thoughts

I am also not opposed to getting any of the above named guys back they were all great!

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Manny Bragg is an awesome instructor! I'd highly recommend one or more of his classes. We plan on having on in Lafayette in 2010 if you like to drive :)

Travis Tomasie with the AMU would also be a good choice. Phil Strader does a great job as well.

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We had Max and Travis do their class in conjunction with the ill. sectional I didnt take it was wayyyyy to busy..lol but everyone who did just loved it. I was there but not in the class when we had Matt Cheeley and he did a great class. Very nice guy. I was in Bens class and it was great Id take it again I know there was a ton I missed. Still look at my notes about 2 times a month and try to work on stuff we learned there. I will have to look into Manny and Phil.

Any other Ideas?

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I would be interested in instruction from any of those mentioned. Maybe leaning toward Ben Stoeger and his insights/strategies and stage analysis from the 10 rnd production perspective.

If this isn't limited to handgun specific training, and if the range would permit, I would be interested in a basic 3-gun course . I've tried it a couple times over at Polo, it's a blast but I'm winging it and could use a good basic course, drills and a training plan.

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