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Atlanta Arms and Ammo


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Has anyone had any experience with Atlanta Arms and Ammo .45 ACP 230 FMJ factory reloads? I have had good experiences with their 9mm 147 rounds but seem to be having mixed results with their .45 ACP in terms of accuracy. No jams and fairly clean but accuracy and POI seem significantly worse than CCI Blazer or Winchester White Box.

For those who are not familiar with Atlanta Arms they are not affiliated with Georgia Arms that produces the "canned heat", of which I have heard lots of bad reviews.

Atlanta Arms provides the Glock team with a more expensive new brass 147 gr 9mm and apparently also provides ammo to several US millitary shooting teams, but these are again their higher end new brass ammo.

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sometimes certain guns/barrels just don't like certain kinds of ammo....the very same ammo you are having issues with, might drive tacks in another gun....has to do with a lot of different variables...too many to trace and then fix the problem....best to try something else, until you find the good combination....for some reason my last SA barrel would not shoot SWC bullets at all...round nose 230gn were accurate as hell....I switched barrels and now SWC's are excellent, go figure...

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I've never shot any of their .45 stuff, but, a friend of mine let me snag some of his NEW, 147 grain loads, and they were t about the most accurate loads I'd ever put through my Glock 34, then, I picked up 5-10 boxes of their, lower priced 147 grain, on used brass, and even sorting them by headstamp, I wasn't real impressed with the accuracy, but, they both chronoed at about 134 pf.

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