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Early Winter


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Winter is something that is normal in Montana and I expect it to happen every year. This hate rant is because we had 2 weeks of 30 MPH + winds then 4 days of total overcast follwed overnight by snow followed by some below zero temps. I would like to get out and chrono some loads so I can reload over the winter and be ready to practice when the snow leaves. We have also had some more the past 2 days so snow is up around a foot so brass is going to disappear and it is some once fired I bought from a nice man in Arizona before the Nationals started. I have to rethink the idea of buying so much at one time next time I need brass which won't be for awhile.

The Weather Channel says it is -10 with a feels like temp of -27 but are prophesying mid 30's for highs the next 10 days. While I won't be able to shoot the big guns except for the 625, I do have a 22 with a C-More like the open gun and a 617 to play with. I hoarded a few boxes of Valu Pack Federal's and some plastic box Remington's from 10 years ago when they were making good ammo.

Upper Midwest and east coast it looks like you have more winter headed your way before spring break.

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"nothing to do but post on the forum"


You could always reload. And practice draws and wellll.... find a warm lady to snuggle up to. :D

It was cold here in SLC this week but not quite like Montana. Yea I hate the winter also. One good thing, I say is that it is always easier to dress warmer than it is to dress cooler. Once it reaches 90 you can't take much more off to cool down. I would hate Arizona in the summer.


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I had one of those snugglies who strongly suggested I sell off all my guns to keep her in a life style she thought she deserved. I managed to keep my civilian & military clothes when she left. The plan was to chrono a load for the new open gun and load all winter however we went through 3 straight weeks of 20 MPH + winds right to snow covered ground. I hate the heat and say anything over 70 is a waste but it is not nearly as dangerous as cold, we have had wind chills to minus 50. It was easier to run around in Vegas in shorts than here in 4 layers of clothes. I did load 1000 rounds of practice for the revo because Bubba challenged me to shot it at next years Area 1.


Sorry I am 100% retired and the only snow I plan to move is when I clear off the truck to go some place. Work is a nasty 4 letter word.

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