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I'm back to a 486

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After my puter was attacked by malware and I had to reformat my hard drive everything seemd to be working fine. For th elast week the whoel system has been working super slow. All MS office programs, the web, everything.

I've exhausted all my PC knowledge and still this is not right. Now I'm at the frustration stage. Will I have to format the HD again? Can anyone provide suggestions of where to start looking to solve this? :(


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Nemo - When you see something in Task manager hogging up the machine, if you don't know what it is do a google search. Depending on results then termiate it.

I have had good luck with SpyBot Search and Destroy. If you load it also load TeaTimer, its a little util that barks if something tries to update any settings.

If you do a new install of Windoze then make sure your first order of business is to get all the security patches installed and Antivirus and Anti Mal ware. You got maybe two hours with all the doors open (not patches) before your machine is loaded with trash again.

I had a county 911 center that was infected they formatted reinstalled and before they could get patched they were down again. Had to bring them up off line and apply all the patches from CD.

If you have the horsepower Windoze 7 is better than Vista and the new Norton 2010 Internet Security seems to be very good and takes less resources than prior versions.

Fact - 90% of all computer resources are consumed by either Antivirus or Screen Savers, we use up most of our machines either doing nothing or protecting it from exteranl threats.

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