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Shooting glasses for wide head


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I have been using another pair for the last 2 years but would like to try a new style. For those of us with a size 8 head or close to it you know how tough it is to find anything that fits. I have looked at the Decot's and they are great but not the style I am looking for. I want something more modern and love the Rudy's. Anyone with a size 8 have any recommendations?

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Ok folks so far I have tried the Rudy Rydons, Genetyks, and the large Sawfly Revisions. The Rudy's win hands down in the construction and lens department. However for my unusually large size head the Sawfly Revisions fit much better. The Rydons were tight and passable but really did not offer enough lens protection for my head. The Revision large size with large lenses gave great coverage, adjustable temples, and a good comfortable fit.

If you have a really large size 8 head like mine I would highly recommend the large size Revisions. I wear those and Randolph XLW's and the Revisions win in the comfort department so far for me. Both work well however and I would recommend them both but the wrap style and large lens of the Sawfly is goind to be my new pair for 2010.

Fit wise I would give the Randolphs with long bayonet temples 90%. With Cable temples 85%.

The large Sawflys get 95% out of 100 for fit.

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