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my finished SV


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Nice machine work, I like the mag release, is that custom as well? first one I have seen that is set up to be pushed from the top of it and not from the grip side.

nice piece. congrats.

the magazine release is specific to the new grip models. I really like it, I use my left index finger to activate the button. Very Ergonomic.

as for the light rail,here it is with a light attached. a good nightstand piece:

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Very cool. Sure makes me miss my open SV. They build some wicked guns.

Your old SV is doing well. Here is a photo of it running flawlessly at the Nationals. I took it to Area 2 also.post-1666-1260611479_thumb.jpg

Sure rub it in! :D Glad to hear it's doing well. That was an amazing gun to shoot.

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