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I hate people hiding behind the term free enterprise!


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here is what I hate.....people who hide behind the term "free enterprise".....well guess what....in the free enterprise system....the consumer is allowed to pick and choose who they buy from....and also allowed to expose fraud and misrepresentation....this is OF COURSE not aimed (pun?) at our industry....it is aimed and the commodities brokers, who fool the general population into thinking that the world is coming to an end....my god you better get this overpriced home mortgage before all the houses are sold....better hurry up and pay $6 a gallon for gas, cause it won't be around for much longer.....better shut your mouth and do as your told, or the IRS will come after you!!!!.....blah blah blah....you know who rated all of the cost held derivatives so highly? the same people who were selling them.....you know who rates the spot price of crude oil? the same people selling it.....you know who dictates the spot price of "precious metals"....you guessed it the metal suppliers.....all of those folks, with their head in the sand (or more likely profiting from deception), can flame me all they want.....I am a consumer and have my rights....I will call fraud and racketeering when I see fit....and no majority opinion or idle threats will stop me from knowing my own truths....!!!!!!!!!!! the first sign or tyranny is the banning of free speech....if I want to make a statement that is "out of line" or "attacks those in power", I am simply practicing my right as an American citizen, consumer and contributing member of society.....


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