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Finding a picture in Frontsight from three years ago


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A week or so ago my two year old was rummaging through a cabinet where I keep old magazines and she pulled out a Frontsight from August 2006. She hands it to me, open, and I look at the picture on the second page. There right in front of me was a picture of a quilt my Wife made that I never knew was used in Frontsight. I guess I never read that issue. Pretty cool.

Here is the picture that was there.


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Is it just me or is that an illegal stage requiring 9 shots through the furthest port... :ph34r:


It is just you! The picture was fromm 2005 which meant the 2004 rulebook was in effect which had a 9 round limit in 1.2.1

Funny enough I actually had just gone through the Rulebook at an RO class when I drew it out for her, and it was made to comply with the rule. The fact ChuckS caught it is hillarious though!

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