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In an ever continuing search for improving everything there is on the Tanfoglio guns and make sure I have a solid supply of parts...

The tiny Mag Catch Plunger (# 6.7) as shown in diagram on http://henningshootsguns.com/shop/pinspringscrew.html

is now made in the US in 416 stainless steel and hardened.

This part has never caused any problems or shown any wear, but they are easy to lose when you disassemble and I sell them on a regular basis just because of that.

So... now it'll be a Henning H067 Mag Catch Plunger. It'll be included in the spare parts kit shortly. The part is not up on the website yet, waiting to get them back from heat treat.

I know it's overkill, but in the long run I never have to worry about getting the parts from EAA that has to get them from Italy. Plus, of course mine will be of higher quality though it's not essential for this parts function.

I'm hoping to have a lighter mag release spring shortly as well. And then... I have plans for a buttoned mag release. Then all these parts will be included in as a whole.

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Yep, this little product is now available in my store. Just picked them up from heat treat today. They are for sure of better quality than factory and you'll only really miss it when you've lost it. So having an extra or two isn't a bad thing. I've included them in the spare parts kit. My stainless plunger is nicer than the factory blued version. Tough as nail.

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