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Bullseye shooter looking at AP


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Here goes.

For equipment, I have a springfield XD-45, bunch of magazines, Web Belt, Couple of Fobus double mag pouchs and a Blade-tec DOH holster.

I have installed fiber optic front and rear sights in the original springfield dovetails. The rear is now adjustable rather than fixed. Everything else is stock. (oops forgot, it has form fitted friction tape on the grip) I bet it would come off if not legal

Is the XD legal for competition in the production class?

How many rouns can I load into a mag? I know there are stages where I must change but can I load more than the 6 I intend to fire at any particular stage?

The Springfield "Safe action" (or what ever they call it) is this legal in production class?

Is there a club in or around central ohio the practices this during the winter?

What about reduced range rimfire practice with smaller targets? Any place do these in the off season?

Thanks for tolerating the Newbie.

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For equipment, I have a springfield XD-45

Spent the last couple hours going through the forum. Seems the .45 may not be the ideal choice for AP. According to many it will be difficult to lead the mover at 25yd. Having never shot a mover before I can see where this may be a problem.

I own a couple of Glocks, well actually a CCF with Glock upper. Let me guess, not legal for production with the CCF lower and G34 upper?

With the prospects of having to purchase a new pistol, Merry Christmas from me to me. The X5 is way out of my reasonable range, What about the CZ75? I've handled but never shot one.

In stock trim, how well does it group at 50yd? My experience with 9mm and 50yd targets is quite frustrating. Have a 92 Beretta that would NOT shoot 50yd. Now has a KKM barrel and shoots wonderful groups out to 50 (Presidents 100 medal with it) If I read correctly, with the KKM barrel that puts the Beretta out of production class?

I may end up looking for a holster for my security six.

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As we often advise any new shooter, bring what ya got.

As long as its 9mm/38 Spc or larger, we have a class for it. Find a local match (Frandoc, you out there?) and start shooting. See what the experienced shooters are playing with before you plunk down that loose change.

Keep searching on this forum. Its loaded with lots of great information. Also check out www.USPSA.org.

Once you're hooked there's no turning back.


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They run A/P matches south of Columbus (Circleville) but I don't know when they start. Flex could shed more light on that.

The 45 would be a little much to handle. I can't remember what the lead is at 25 for the mover but you would be well off the target.

You can load as many rounds in a mag that you wish. Just don't fire more than the required number of rounds.

As far as I know the CZ-75 would be fine as long as you use the double action for the first shot. I know a few shooters that use them.

If the Security Six has a barrel less than 6" I would use something else. Do you have any Glock lowers?

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I shot the nostalgia match at the last BC and with a Kimber 45 shooting a 185gr JHP at 750 = 138pf. Real gentle out of the Kimber 13lb sprng required.

We fudged the following

10Y edge of ten ring

15y edge of 8 ring

20y edge of target

25y 1 1/2 frontsights outside the edge of the target and they got there.

Actual lead required is as follows. 750fps

10y 4.8", 15y 7.2", 20y 9.6" & 25y 12". My front sight appears to cover about 4" at 25Y so we just gave half a front sight between the target and the front sight, a bit dodgy but it worked.

The Kimber would now be Metallic sight class.

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Springfield XD is similar to the Glock save action trigger. I believe Springfield calls it USA (Ultra Safety Assurance)

So there is not single/double action. I assume this would be Okay to use.

The XD-45 that I have is 5" tactical.

How/who would make the call on my non factory sights? It came with only fixed sights. I had some fiber optic sights installed with the rear being adjustable.

3.2.1 d States I can use fiber optic sights if installed in the original dove tail. I don't think the XD is offered with adjustable sights though, I'm checking on that.

I don't quite understand the fiber optic rule. Can I put fiber optic front sight in the original front dove tail if that option was not offered stock from springfield?

The reason I changed to adjustable sights was because my XD grouped well at 50yd but low and right.

While I don't currently have a good Glock lower, I would consider purchasing one. I have a 1st series G17L but not sure that lower will work with the G34 upper. To be honest I'm not sure the Glock is capable of decent groups at 50yd. With that said I've not seen many stock 9mm that will group <8" at 50yd.

I'd be happy to be proven wrong and would vote with my wallet should I find one.

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3.2.1 d States I can use fiber optic sights if installed in the original dove tail. I don't think the XD is offered with adjustable sights though, I'm checking on that.

I think this means as long as they didnt mill the slide or change the factory sight dovetail, you can put whatever sights in it you want.

So unless it says something about going from fixed to adjustable being illegal, I assume you're ok..

Im new and trying to figure out the rules also so I could be wrong.

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I don't know of anywhere local except C-ville.

A lot of it you could do about anywhere, if you had the distance. You could paper plate a rack. You'd need a barricade.

The mover would be the hurdle.

So...you can't load 9mm very well and you don't know how to work a Glock trigger??? :goof::D:P

Seriously, the Glock barrels are pretty good. They may be a bit generous in the chamber (bullet jump). But, like most guns, it really comes down to finding one that has good lock up. (fwiw, the many Glocks lock up well even with a loose fit).

There is a thread (on this forum category?) on Production gun accuracy. I think there was info in there showing/linking to some Glocks doing 1.5in or better at 25y. (I know, that's not 50y...)

Fit...ammo...sights...trigger control.

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I don't know of anywhere local except C-ville.

If possible I'll make all of the C-ville matches. I'm very interested in trying this sport. I'm still tossed up about what equipment to use. Giving serious thought to my revolver. I made distinguished with my Rooger and it can group under 6" at 50yd in my hands.

I'm wondering of the possibility of setting up a reduced range for indoor rimfire practice. I'd be willing to spend a few evenings at OSU working out the details of a the range if coach could justify the modification.

I'll send him an e-mail and see what he thinks.

Do you know the course of fire well enough to try and build a realistic reduced range rimfire course?

I'll start another topic asking for information on reduced range rimfire course.

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Yes, I hang around here a little as well. I'm in the same position checking out the production rules and plan to go this year.

From my reading of the rules, since the XD did (does) not appear to come from the factory in any version with adjustable sights, it appears you cannot replace with adjustable sights.

If anyone can direct me to another reading of the specific production rules that are posted on the NRA website, I would greatly appreciate it.

Cecil Rhodes

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Coach Sweeney shoots AP at C-ville all the time and he knows the stages as well as anybody.

If you send him an email*, copy me on it and I'll forward it to a couple of others... ( * my user name here, at AOL)

C-ville now has the room to run the 50y practical on one of the pistol bays. I think most are interested in doing that. So, maybe we can help push that idea and get it over the hump.

The mover and the 50y will likely separate the men from the boys in Production. However, most need to own the plates and the barricade (left side, especially) first.

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Well, that's almost like asking "what's Christmas?" I don't have any of the old match programs handy so I'm counting on an old man's memory here! I'm sure others will chime in with additions/corrections later, but here goes.

Monday = Practice day

Tuesday = Registration and pick up shooters bags with stickers for your targets and pertinent info for the rest of the week. That night is the shooter's meeting for all competitors, mandatory attendance. Also another practice day.

Wednesday - Friday = Main and side match events.

Wednesday night = Shooter's meeting/bitch session.

Friday night = Bar-b-que and awards ceremony for new Distinguished Shooters. Pick up shooter's prize bags.

Saturday morning = Speed Shoot-off for the top 16 Open shooters, top 2 Juniors, top 2 Seniors, Top 2 (?) Lady shooters, and top Production and Metallic shooters from Match X (the main 4 events).

Saturday night = Awards Banquet

Some of these days may be wrong, but that's the general program. The practice range is open to all shooters on a first come-first served basis ( for a nominal fee, of course) the whole week, so you can go "warm up" just prior to your shooting at the main range. Side matches will be open until sometime Friday afternoon and awards are presented to the winners of those events at the Sat. banquet.

I'm sure I've left something out, but others will correct that in time. :rolleyes:


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Well, that's almost like asking "what's Christmas?"



Thank you, here is the Tentative Schedule, a couple things were moved at the suggestion of fellow competitors.


2010 NRA Bianchi Cup

”Sponsored By MidwayUSA”

Tentative Schedule of Events

Saturday May 22-28* Practice Range (Columbia Range) 8:00am-5:00pm*

Hosted by Green Valley R&P Club

Range Closed for Match Preparation

Monday May 24 Practice Range (Columbia Range) 8:00am-5:00pm*

Hosted by Green Valley R&P Club

GV Range Closed for Match Preparation

Tuesday May 25 GV Range Closed for Match Preparation

Tuesday May 25 Registration (Holiday Inn) 8:00am-5:00pm*

Tuesday May 25 New Competitor Orientation (Holiday Inn) 7:00pm*

Wednesday May 26 Opening Ceremony (GV Range) 8:30am-9:00am*

Wednesday May 26 Competition Begins / First Shot (GV Range) 9:30am*

Wednesday May 26 Competitor Social Function (snacks served) 6:30pm*

(Holiday Inn Atrium)

Wednesday May 26 Shooter Q & A Session (Holiday Inn) 8:00pm*

Thursday May 27 Competition Continues (GV Range) 8:00am*

Thursday May 27 SPONSOR / VIP Reception (Holiday Inn) 6:30pm*

Friday May 28 Competition Continues (GV Range) 8:00am*

Friday May 28 Distinguished Awards (Holiday Inn) 6:00pm*

Friday May 28 Western BBQ Dinner (Holiday Inn) 6:30pm*

Friday May 28 Country Music Performance (After Dinner) TBA*

Saturday May 29 Speed Event (GV Range) 9:30am*

Saturday May 29 Pro-Am Event (GV Range) TBA*

Saturday May 29 Dinner / Awards Ceremony (Holiday Inn)

Cocktails / Silent Auction 6:00pm* Dinner / Ceremony 7:00pm*

* All times and locations are subject to Change

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  • 2 weeks later...

I posted to the "match announcement" section as well.

Tuesday 29 Dec. Rimfire Bowling pin match at OSU range.

Google map 2121 Tuttle Park Place, columbus OH.

I know it isn't Bianch Cup but great practice indoor and for the price of admission $2 can't be beat.

Range opens at 5:30 pm. Shooting at 6. If you are registered by 7 you will get a chance to shoot.

Kyle, I expect you there. Oil that old Woodsman and bring a hand full of bullets.

I'm going to bring a revolver and get used to having my butt handed to me in production class....

If someone wants more info, send me a PM

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