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need 7.62x39 load


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I went to the hodgdon web site and they do not have data specifically for 748. I find this odd since they are the distributors for Winchester powders. They do have data listed for IMR and Hodgdon powders. I suggest you head over to www.hodgdon.com and punch up the cartridge and bullet weight and see what they have to offer. Maybe 748 was not useful for the short squat case of the 7.62x39.

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Win 748 is crap in the 7.62x39.

I have been loading 7.62x39 for about 10 years, I just laid my hands on a Ruger K77 in it. It really likes the WInchester factory ammo and not much else from a factory.

Ruger barrels are not .308" they are .3105". Therefore .311 projectiles are required for best accuracy, but don't that stop you from trying some .308.

I mainly use Sierra 125gr .311 or Hornady .310" designed for the 303Brit. 150gr tends to be a little slow (2300fps) to get the best you need to be heading towards 2650fps. It is achievable, 2500fps is where it seems to start delivering accuracy and it goes away at about 2650fps.

Use powders around the H4227 burnrate. I like H110 and LilGun, they produce either the best accuracy or velocity or both. LilGun is still in it's early stages, but velocity is getting up there for not too much pressure and accuracy is excellent. I have had good success with V V N120, H4198. Anything in, around and between 2400 to say H4198, but faster is better without being stupid.

Anything you need help with PM me.

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