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The Price of Reloading Components


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I really hate the gouging and racketeering that is going on with the prices of reloading components....sorry, but the spot price of lead is WAY down....you can check it for yourself....and primers being sold for $30 1000 and over is also pissing me off....and the hazmat fee for powder....I think i am going to start reloading my spent primers.... :roflol:

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I'm sorry, but you must have been out of the reloading stuff for a while. Let me break it down for you as I sell primers (dealer) for $30 per 1000 when I can get them.

Wolf Small Pistol Primers at Powder Valley are $25.20 retail. That's a good price, but you'll never be able to buy them for that because me and other dealers keep them cleaned out. They give me a 6% discount off of retail, so they cost me roughly $23.70 per 1k. Now add to that shipping, HazMat, and insurance. If I can score 50,000 of them at once (very unlikely), they cost me about $25.80 once I get them to my store. You go online and order them, I print off a packing label/receipt, put them securely in a box, stuff the box, tape the box up, print off a label, put on all the DoT's Dangerous Goods labels, and have UPS come pick them up to deliver to your home. Let me break it down for you...

Insurance just to cover the stuff being in my store

A box I pay for

A page of printer paper I pay for

Printer cartridges to print the receipt

Stuffing I usually get from other shipments so it's free

Tape I pay for

A label machine I have to rent

Shipping labels I pay for

A daily UPS pick up account I pay for

HazMat stickers I have to pay for

ETA: I forgot about all the little stick on the box label holders we have to put on there too!

My time (not to count my initial financial investment upfront to have them in stock) in packing the box and sending it to your couch so you can bitch about me making $4.20 PRICELESS!!!

You want to know what I hate? People hating free enterprise. I emplore you to search out the best prices you can and shop with those folks. And as I recently did some lead research, you're dead wrong on that too. Lead is considered a precious metal commodity and the prices are pretty stout on it right now even if you buy 40,000 lbs of it in 1 shipment. People making quality lead bullets aren't using scrap tire weights! The HazMat fee is charged by the courier (UPS or FedEx) and they pay it to the Dept of Transportation, a government entity. If you don't want to pay HazMat, don't buy online.

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And I sold 450,000 primers in the month of October, so the prices must not be too out of line.

so you sold 450,000 at a profit of $4.20 per one thousand....that is $1890...."PRICELESS"?

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