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Local gunsmith helps me on a non-firearm pet project


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A couple weeks ago I noticed a woman's purse hanging under a table at a bar. I asked her how it was supported and she showed me this contraption called a purse hanger. It's designed to keep your bag off the floor and directly in front of you at a restaurant. She claimed it was one of the best gifts she's ever received since she uses it all the time and it frequently attracts more compliments than her bag itself.

I decided to use that idea for Christmas this year, but I wanted it to be unique.

My girlfriend recently started a Ph.D. program in Philosophy and that served as my inspiration. A couple weeks of searching netted a silver tetradrachm coin from ancient Athens. It was minted around 449-413 BC, probably to fund the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. This is the same time period that philosophy was just beginning: when Socrates was teaching Plato.

A local gunsmith bored out the center of an otherwise standard purse hanger so the coin would fit snuggly inside. All I need to do now is figure out a way to make it robustly attached. (I'm thinking an epoxied in gasket, but suggestions are welcome.)

the picture shows a couple test cuts in Athena's owl which were made to test the purity of the silver


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