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To make a new Action Pistol range on a BE range

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We have no AP facilities, but I am considering a push for some on our 30 point bullseye range. Please offer suggestions for a beginning range on the cheap and easy. I have a fair understanding of the AP courses, having read the rule book.

Also my own guns are strictly bullseye or production. Where would a _custom_ made bullseye wadcutter 1911 or custom made CMP legal 1911 fit in? How about 92fs with CMP legal upgrades?


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"looks for range" how appropriate, on the left there

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Welcome to the mad world of AP shooting! :cheers:

Many of the COFs in the rule book can be done with only some target stands. The few that require special setups you don't need to worry about just getting started out. If you have a 50-yd range, even better. The Practical, Combat event and Speedload Challenge go back that far, and most of the others only need 25 yds on the AP-1 targets.

So bottom line is targets, target stands and a timer and you're all set! If you have the luxury of turning targets, a plate rack, or barricades, all the better. A mover isn't required to have NRA sanctioning for the matches, and if you get sanctioning, the shooters get a classification card from NRA after the first match, provided you have at least a 144-round match.


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