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Getting told on by the 2 1/2 year old....


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I took my daughter Christmas shopping today and off we go to the high end jewelry store to have a look. In we march with her holding my hand and are met with a young, hot blonde sales chick in a tight, low cut shirt. Needless to say, there ain't nobody in there but us and the sales girl is glued to us. As far as I'm concerned, this is a bonus.

I'm thinking about a necklace for my wife and ask her to pull something out of the case which she does and then hold around her own neck to show off. We did that a time or two when my little one started getting restless and asked to be picked up, so I oblige.

WEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL................. this salesgirl bends over into the case and picks up the next necklace and holds it up to her neck.

My daughter replies at top volume: LOOK DADDY, BOOOOOBIES!!!!!!!!

Sigh. Thanks kiddo!

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Reminds me of the time many years ago my brother-in-law brought over his new girlfriend. My oldest daughter was about 3 at the time. She held up her arms for Lisa to pick her up. As soon as she bent over, my daughter grabbed her tube top and pulled it down to her waist.

I must say, I was impressed with both of them (Lisa and my daughter that is).....


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