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Low cost custom scope


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Thought I'd add my find/build. For a bunch of us price of some scopes put them completely out of reach. Even the basic scopes work well and deliver some of what your looking for. I found my perfect low cost scope. I run a custom shop Leupold scope, it runs right at $260 delivered!!!

You start with the basic Leupold shotgun scope that everyone is familar with. Then you choose the range of the scope, standard 1-4x for me. I also went with the brown finish rather than the black, at no charge. Follow that up with a other on the reticle. Then at the bottom, pick the reticle modification. Choose custom reticle and input your load data. Make sure you use actual measured data for your rifle and not what's on some web sight as the load.

This gives you a 1-4x scope with a 0-200 crosshair and a built in BDC reticle out to 500 on 4x. The sum of this scope is incredible for the price. Enjoy the pics but remember I suck at photos.



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Looks great. Thanks for making me feel like an idiot. :angry2: $1,800 bucks for a scope that does not have a custom reticle. Well, Not the first time, won't be the last.


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Couple answers................

It's not a true 1x but its close enough. I go both eyes open and use it like a red dot on 1x.

The optics are very clear, I did take a pic but the pic sucked.

The turkey plex is ok, but it doesn't get you out there for longer shots. The $40 your spending for the BDC reticle makes ALL the difference. No thinking, no guessing, put the crosshair on the target and pull the trigger. No making drop charts or odd ball range zero's.

If we could ever convince Leupold to add the illumination module from the 1x24 prism scope, nothing could touch it for the price. But even now, nothing comes close to what this combo gives you. A variable 1-4x scope with BDC for your gun DELIVERED FOR $260

I shot the Larue match with it. I had NEVER before fired at long range targets. My only time doing anything long range (at or more than 100 yards) was when I actually zeroed the scope. I did decently, I'm getting better but need much more trigger time at distances. I'm very seriously thinking of getting another one for the 308 bolt rifle I'm building.

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Probably 80 % of the Silhouette shot in matches today is with a Leupold that has the reticule & knobs altered to suit the shooter. Either from there custom shop or one of several independent custom shops. They are not perfect but work and are good value for the money. I run multiple target scopes, need them to work but not cost a thousand bucks or more. Leupold also stands behind scopes 100 % Cheaper Asian made scopes rarely stand up to the repeated recoil or constant changing of sight settings. I like and use the old ones too but it's getting to be harder to get someone to service out of production scopes like Weaver T's and Unertils. That makes Leopould the scope of choice on target ranges.

Other thing is almost every Silhouette and Schuetzen shooter uses a single point reticule and adjust the knobs for distance and windage. Most with a table of sights pasted to the scope or rifles stock. That used to be the way Military snipers ran there scopes. Now multiple dot's are the trend which goes along with the shoot fast and lots of rounds tactics. My experience is less you see other than the target and scopes aiming point more likely a hit is going to be. I used to use a Unertil Varmint that had several elevation cross hair's and accounted many misses to using the wrong one when my focus was on a live critter that was moving. Single dot dial in the elevation and pay attention to the target is a good way to go.


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Well, I thought that there were a lot of options before, now I'm drowning in them. Here's the dilemma...

I'm just finishing building an AR-15. I'll mainly be shooting it out to 100yds max. So, I bought a reasonably priced 1-4X Millet DMS scope. So far so good.

But I also know that I'm going to be doing some shooting next year in the 300yd+ range and I want something with a bit more reach. What's a good way to go, variable 3-9x, 3.5-10x, variable 4-12x, more, less, fixed power? I can't afford the Mark 4's and the VX-3's are good but once you start to customize them, the price goes through the roof. Aaaaahhhh....

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Thanks! I've been contemplating setting up an upper to compete in optics (I shoot in Irons now).... This might be the very option I have been looking for in a scope.

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I'm sure someone here has a similar set-up thats been measured. Tell us your barrel length and the ammo you intend to shoot. Mine is a 11.5 barrel, I shoot regular green/white box Walmart Remington 55gr 223. I also load my own to match the Rem load. I have a consistant 2690 velosity using 55gr FMJ over 25.3 gr of H4895.

But because even brand to brand differences will change muzzle velosity. I do recommend you just find someone local to you that could measure your muzzle velosity and be done with it.

Does anyone have a "standard" or "compromise" ballistics data they would use for 55 grain FMJ 223 to order the scope. I realize this is not the BEST solution.
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Does anyone have a "standard" or "compromise" ballistics data they would use for 55 grain FMJ 223 to order the scope. I realize this is not the BEST solution.

Federal XM193 at Federal's published velocity and BC w/ 200 yd zero out of a 20" bbl.

Range (yds)/Drop(MOA)

100 / 1.4

200 / 0.0

250 / -1.0

300 / -2.2

350 / -3.6

450 / -5.1

500 / -6.9

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Leupold needs the following to custom cut a reticle...................

Cartridge: (223 in this case)

Bullet type: (fmj, boattail, spitzer, ect)

Bullet weight:

Ballistic Coefficient:

Muzzle velocity:

Average altitude:

Average temp:

The closer the date is to actual specs the more accurate the reticle will be. I always laugh when I see people get Acogs and not match them to their barrel length. They always cry about the rifle not being accurate at distances.

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Range Velocity Impact Drop ToF Energy Drift

0 2690 -3 0 0 884 0

50 2537 -0.82 0.74 0.06 786 0.72

100 2395 0 2.84 0.12 701 1.59

150 2259 -0.69 6.45 0.19 623 3.07

200 2127 -3.11 11.78 0.25 553 5.23

250 1999 -7.45 19.04 0.33 488 8.12

300 1876 -13.98 28.49 0.4 430 11.81

350 1758 -22.98 40.41 0.49 377 16.38

400 1646 -34.8 55.15 0.57 331 21.89

450 1541 -49.84 73.11 0.67 290 28.43

500 1442 -68.55 94.73 0.77 254 36.07

550 1351 -91.44 120.54 0.88 223 44.87

600 1270 -119.08 151.1 0.99 197 54.88

This is with your sight 3 inches above the bore.

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