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Benelli M4 or FN SLP?


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Magazine capacity is a wash, and weight is almost identical. I am more interested in which guns seem to run better, have less problems, and which one seems to pattern the best, as a rule?

I have an M4 and am contemplating adding an FN SLP (18") to my collection, but only if it offers something my M4 doesn't already. My M4 doesn't get real dirty and is very easy to clean when it does. All the moving parts are metal, there are no rubber "O" rings, etc. except as seals or retainers, they do not appear to be critical parts.

Is the FN SLP as robust? Any advantages to the SLP?

So far what I can determine:

M4=9 rounds, SLP=8 rounds (both capacities factorying in "Ghost loading", as I was told the SLP can do this too)

SLP= 7.3#, My M4= 7.5#

SLP= Chrome lined bore, M4=chrome lined bore and bolt-head

M4=easy take-down of every moving part, including the bolt, in minutes. SLP=???

Both have choke-tubes.

M4 is dual pistol, SLP only has 1.

M4 auto-regulates, SLP needs 2 pistons.

My M4 has NEVER! Jammed using anything from 1145fps 2.75 dram bird-shot to 3" Magnum buckshot as long as I do my part and hold it tight when firing the light stuff. Trigger-pull feels like a mil-spec AR. Have not gauged it, but would guess it to be 5-7# and crisp enough. Very similar to the mil-spec AR triggers I have.

I can sometimes "outrun" my M4 as the disconnector will allow the trigger to be pulled during the last 1.5" of bolt-travel, leaving you with a dead gun and a live round in the chamber. This only happens when I fire it holding it loosely or from the hip using bird-shot, all of which has the effect of slowing bolt-travel.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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For me my choice was the SLP mark 1. That gives me 8+1 capacity. I ran it at a 3 gun match brand new out of the box with 10 rounds through it and It ran like a champ. I even let another shooter in my squad use it as he was having issues with his shotgun. What I usually tell everyone about benelli's tactical guns is that loaded with OOB if I had to conduct a room entry I would want one with me. For playing the shooting games you need a genius like Benny Hill to work his magic to make them run 100%. Hope this helps.

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