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Para magwell. S&A to D.A.?


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OK. I got a used P16 coming and got a question about it. It has a S & A magwell on it and I know you have to modify the frame alittle to get it to fit. Now my question is, Can you still put a Dawson magwell on it or not?



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Welcome to the forum! The Dawson magwell is held in place by a long MSH pin. I think the shortened frame from the S&A mod will not let it seat properly.



Thanks For the reply Chuck.

Since I don't even have the gun yet (should be here tommorrow) I haven't see how it's been modified. The S&A just doesn't look near as big as the DP. I thought I might put a DP on it or I really wanted to try and find someone that had an DP Ice for it.

Well, Anyway thanks


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FWIW, Dawson USED TO make an Ice Mag Well that retrofitted frames that were cut for an S&A because I had one. Now, if you go to a Dawson mag well, you may have to modify the base pads on your mags, unless they are DP base pads, in order for the mag to seat properly. I didn't have this issue with my S&A though. Just something to consider.

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It's been a while since I had a DP ice, but I think it will still work with the cuts it just won't look so hot.

Be sure and do a bunch of reload practice before you spend much time searching for an Ice. For me the biggest reloading improvement was switching to STI for Para mags. That's when I switched from the Ice to the S&A.

Remember thou that with enough practice you can learn to cram a tuba up there in less than a second!!! :roflol:

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The S&A is a boat anchor that adds a lot of weight to a gun that doesn't need it. If I was stuck with one, it would be the aluminum version.

True. Do you think most 5" steel frame guys notice the difference thou?

I run Dawson (not ice) magwells on my Paras, and to me the extra weight of one with a steel S&A is hugely noticeable the instant I pick it up. Ask the owner of the S&A equipped gun to compare the two, and they never admit to any difference. B)

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Ask the owner of the S&A equipped gun to compare the two, and they never admit to any difference. B)

Well of course not. That would mean I'm wrong!!! :roflol:

Seriously I think your 100% right on that. I've shot a bunch of guns in a bunch of configurations, but by far the most trigger/dry fire time I've had is with a Para with an S&A. At this point it just feels like it's set up just right to me...

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A Para without a S&A magwell feels too light and out of balance, the DP magwell doesn't provide a funnel effect it's too flat. It's more or less a flat ring around the bottom of the frame.


A Para too light! :roflol:

The angle of the internal bevel is less than optimum, but they do work. When I'm off with the reload, it's usually to the front of the grip. The S&A provides no help there.

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I have S&A magwells on my 3 Paras. The one on the P18 is aluminum so it would make the IDPA ESP weight limit.

Holding the two magwells in your hand, you can tell a big difference in weight. Once on the gun, it's negligible.

FYI- I was concerned about the durability of the aluminum magwell but after 8 years, it has held up fine. I think I stoned

a couple of dings off of it but they were from banging on props, not mag changes.

With a S&A, any base pad works. That is why I put them on. I have factory Para, Grams, Arrendondo,Dawson, and some I

can't recall who made them (circa 1993). All work without mods.

I do have some STI for Para mags that are quicker to reload. However, I have found them to not be as reliable as the factory Para

tubes in stock form. This is in my 9mm P18 and Major 9 Open Paras. YRMV.


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