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So far I have seen no real changes from our home range in Norco Ca. @ over 95 deg to Ohio at mid 40's to Area 2 mid 60's.

172pf at all these matches. Note I started at less than 7gr on my old balance beam scale, crono'ed and twisted the knob on my measure till i got to the velocity i wanted and haven't touched the powder measure since.

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I read somewhere that Autocomp and Win 231 are the same powder.... Anything to it?

Not even close, Autocomp is much slower somewhere around where the old WAP / 540 used to be, possibly slightly quicker than those.

7gr of 231 in a 9mm would be very interesting. You would need a chrono for the slide as it went over your shoulder.

But you will have to load longer than the book says, as indicated above, with AutoComp.

From Hodgdon site

125 GR. SIE FMJ Hodgdon HS-6 .355" 1.090" 6.4 1131 25,600 CUP 6.8 1169 27,100 CUP

125 GR. SIE FMJ Winchester AutoComp .355" 1.090" 4.7 1055 28,900 PSI 5.2 1120 33,300 PSI

125 GR. SIE FMJ Hodgdon Universal .355" 1.090" 4.3 1031 26,900 CUP 4.9 1118 30,600 CUP

125 GR. SIE FMJ Winchester 231 .355" 1.090" 4.4 1009 24,600 CUP 4.8 1088 28,800 CUP

125 GR. SIE FMJ Hodgdon HP-38 .355" 1.090" 4.4 1009 24,600 CUP 4.8 1088 28,800 CUP

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runNgun loads to 1.113 with Jhp

Huh, are you sure?... 1.113 in an open gun with 7.0gr of Autocomp, I can just imagine what the case and primer would look like, if it's still around to see it... at 1.175 and 7.2, I see a small amount of flatting on CCI primers so .060 less would be disastrous I would believe?


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his loads show no signs of primer flattening.

My loads with 8.2 grains of AC at a 1.16 oal show no signs of flattening either. 171 PF for a bullet weight of 115 Grains, 9mm.

Well as they say... Just Dang (keeping clean for a family channel)... I suppose I need to test a little further then.... Thats really good news on both accounts... I only ran a few at 7.2 and 168pf at 1.175 with 124 MG JHP's, but now I feel comfortable going to 7.3 and maybe even 7.4 just to see... I was seeing just a smidge of squared corner on the primers at my load... but more testing is needed for sure!


Alan - I'm really glad to hear this!

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Hodgdon sent me a pound to do some testing with. I thought from seeing the load data that it might be a little fast for what we need and the testing bore that out.

7.0 gr with a 125 gr zero at 1.23 OAL gave me 1309 fps and produced a little primer flow

7.4 gr gave me 1352 fps and quite a bit of flow

This is in a Pro SX in 38super.

For comparision in the same gun to get 1360 fps I use 10.8 gr of N105 or 9.6 gr of 4756 with no pressure signs.

This would indicate that this powder is much faster and creating a lot more peak pressure.

It is quite dense (filled the case about halfway) and would probably work for 9mm but I think would still be running quite a bit of pressure.




I was thinking about an AutoComp load but decided against it after reading this. I headed in the direction of 4756.

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