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No news is good news


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I'm happy that Liota was released after spending all day Friday in the tender (!) clutches of the Military Medical System (of Death ). She called me Friday morning from the Wilford Hall Emergency Room just before I was to hop on the Striker for my first stage at Benning. She talked me out of dropping my gear and flying home, which was my choice on the matter, and she was released late that afternoon after being hooked up to a heap of beepy and drippy machinery for eight or so hours.

The no news that is good news is no heart attack, but the curious question is what caused the radial chest pain in the first place.

She says she is feeling better, no matter what caused it :cheers:


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Good to hear...maybe the ole Gall bladder...my brother is having his removed as I type this...after a lot of chest pains.

He has also had quad-bypass but this pain was similar to that (heart pain) he said

Good luck...remember I'm not a doctor - nor do I play one on the Internet...but check her gall bladder anyway.

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Earlier this year my wife, Pam, had chest pains and after the nuclear stress test, the cardiologist (in the hospital room) was pretty sure there was no cardiac problem but there was a small anomaly, so they did an angiogram. Yep, 3 partial blockages in a coronary artery. She also had some gastric problems (gastritus and small hiatal hernia) and a bit of gall bladder misfunction (slightly off ejection function test). So - add it up, and she hit the insurance out-of-pocket this year. And I am a little more familiar with South Austin Hospital than I care to be. And with all the "nuclear" tests, I am surprised she was not glowing.

Pam is a fan of Crocs, so she is a big fan of her cardiologist - who wears them also. He has street Crocs and lab Crocs, in case some blood spills during a procedure. :surprise:

For myself, I will add rib pain and other shoulder and collar bone damage as being able to spoof coronary pain. Been there, done that, got the stress test.


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