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It's liable to get that way up here at the end of the week, we're not sure yet. But meanwhile the temps here are WAYYYY lower than seasonal norm and it's bitterly cold. Even much colder east of the Cascade Mountain range here (near zero there). :surprise:

The jet stream is bringing us greetings from our friends in Canada is the reason....... :rolleyes: Acck.

On the other hand, a lady friend in Kalispell, MT reported some well-below-zero stuff that was a little stunning. Hint: she's moving back to Washington State soon. :D

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Sounds like this thread drifted toward "What I Hate" :surprise: . Down here, we have to endure high heat, humidity, & hurricanes in the summer :sick: , but we also only get snow about once every 10-15 years :cheers: , so it's still a neat thing to get it once in a while.

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