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Rifle cleaning rod reccomendations


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I have had several people recommend the one piece graphite or fiberglass rifle cleaning rods since they don't scratch the barrel and the coating will not come off of them like it did on my old one piece coated one. I will mainly be cleaning a .22 Rifle and a .243 Mauser style bolt action.

Any recommendations?

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I ended up getting a Tipton just because it was available locally and I could lay hands on it. So far it looks pretty nice and is actually a little easier to use than the old coated rod due to the larger size of the grip.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! :)

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+1 on the dewey rod and I use it with a bore guide every time.

Another vote for DEWEY. And a bore guide.

Tipton have some issues with the tips coming off or they are crooked from the factory.

I have Parker-Hale too, excellent rods but the jags etc have an oddball thread. I did have the plastic coating tear on the .22 rod but no issues with the .30 cal rods.

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I've seen quite a bit lately about getting away from cleaning rods completely. CLP and a bore snake for a light bore cleaning plus a chamber brush seems to be the "new way". Another alternative that seems to be getting good press is the flexible rod from Otis.

I'm just getting back into rifles and am interested in what the current thinking is.

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