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Lloyd Doubleday


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Just received this...Llloyd was a great guy and worked hard for our sport...he will be missed:

Lloyd Doubleday left the range today. Please check with Grace Baptist in Granger, Indiana for details. We have heard there could be a service on 12/12/09.

Lloyd ran USPSA at Bend of the River for years and many of the long time shooters know him well.

I apologize for notifying you via email about this tragic event.

Lloyd was behind the "Michiana", and worked hard to bring practical shooters from Indiana, Illionois and Michigan together to share in our sport. :closedeyes:

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How sad, I was really hoping to get up to Bend of the River to see Lloyd. I shot n the first couple of Michiana's and loved em. Lloyd was excellent people. This is the pits.

This is really the pits, 2 friends died recently,Walt and Lloyd, and I found out this morning. Think I'll go for a walk or something.

earl click

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