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CZ Aluminum Grips Legal for SSP


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The rulebook says that : "Grips may be changed to another style or material that is similar to factory configuration (no weighted grips; see

'weighted grips' in glossary for further details)." It then goes on to define "weighted grips" as "Any set of grips that weigh more than two (2)

oz. over factory standard weight for the model."

I don't believe the CZ aluminum grips weigh 2 oz more than the factory rubber grips (I think they weigh less), so the question is: are the CZ grips a "style or material" that is "similar" to the factory grips. Because it says "style or material" instead of "style and material", I assume that if either style or material is similar, the grips are OK. Now, it doesn't seem like the material is similar, but is the "style"?

I've got small hands, and I really like the thinner grips, but I don't want to practice with something that isn't legal. Does anyone know if there is a ruling on what "style" and "similar" mean?


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Okay, there's a rumor going around these grips are fine.

Next....! :roflol:

So you goin aroun dissin IDPA saying their way of answering questions amounts to rumors???

I'm shocked.


(Where's them mods when ya need them ????? )

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