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So I bought a 26" M2 that was on sale


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I've been wanting a M2 for quite a while now and was at Dick's last week. They had a 26" on sale for $799. I figured it was a pretty good deal and bought it. I wish that I could have gotten a 24" though. Now I have to start fixing it up. I would like to still use it for hunting. I was thinking of a Nordic +7?

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Ya done good.....You'll never feel that the 26" is too long for 3 gun. In the 10 or so years that I've been involved with 3 gun, I've seen 1 stage at one match (Blue Ridge 2009) where you may have felt you were at a disadvantage with a longer barrel. And even at that, it really wasn't if you thought ahead.

Check our Frequently asked questions section in the dealer tent.....I think +7 should be fine.



Nordic Components, Inc.

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Let be the first to suggest this:


Just kidding... :roflol:

There has got to be a Benelli forums somewhere, where somebody has a shorter barrel that they want to sell or trade for a longer one.

Price-wise, it sounds like you did really well. :cheers:

My brand new 1100 Tactical was $600 something dollars. I think. I think it also came with a 21 or 22 inch barrel. And it's just a Remington. I think you can normally expect to pay twice that for a Benelli.

The mag extension and the barrel's muzzle are flush with each other.

I don't know why, but for some reason a shotgun with a barrel extending beyond an extended mag tube looks silly. But, OTOH, a mag tube extending past the barrel looks cooler.

There is a guy here on the forums with the screenname "Trubl" or something like that. He either works for Nordic or is the president of Nordic. He would be the guy to talk to about getting a + whatever shot mag tube that looks right for a 26 inch barrel....if that aesthetic thing kinda appeals to you at all. They also make mag tube to barrel clamps.

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There was a time when the bbl. had to be 22" or less for limited/tactical class, but, I'm pretty sure that rule is pretty much gone.

I don't ever remember any stages where a 26" would hurt me, but, I remember some where I had trouble with a 14 shot mag tube getting in the way.

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