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Remington SPP


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Is there a reason that nobody seems to use remington small pistol primers? I am sitting on a few k of them and they are all I can find consistently. Brand new to reloading so even "common knowledge" is new to me.


Out of 20K I got a batch of 10K that were almost to long. They were in spec but man was it tough seating them so I didn't have high primers. I was glad to see them go and Remmington did nothing to help me. I even sent some in to them. I much prefer Federal and CCI.

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Picked up a thousand because they were available at the local bass pro shop. Had two failure to fire with multiple strikes. First time I have had this type of failure in over 20 years with any brand of primer. I am looking at the remainder of the batch to be used as practice ammo at best.

I wonder if this could be attributed to new people learning the job due to increased demand?

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