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Finding the Right Limited Gun for YOU in Indiana


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I'm currently shooting a Brazos High Performance Edge that I got as my first Limited gun. I'm thinking about changing to something lighter, but I want to make sure I'm doing it for the right reasons. My Dad's advice has always been "shoot a bunch of different guns, and see what you like", but that can be hard to actually accomplish. I'd like to shoot a lightened 5" gun, lightened 6" gun, etc., etc.

Does anybody else in Indiana want to make this happen? I'm wondering if we could schedule a range day at a metro Indianapolis range (i.e. Atlanta Conservation Club, Marion County Fish and Game, etc.) where people could try out different Limited guns.

If you think this would be a good idea, and would like to participate, please post what Limited gun you'd bring (if any) and what range you'd prefer. I'll go first:

Gun: Brazos High Performance Edge, 40 cal

Range Preference: Atlanta Conservation Club, Atlanta, IN or Marion County Fish and Game, Indianapolis, IN

Gun: STI Tactical, 45 acp

Range Preference: Atlanta Conservation Club, Atlanta, IN or Marion County Fish and Game, Indianapolis, IN

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Talked with a friend recently that went to a lighten 6 inch. He talked about how soft shooting it was during his sessions.

Personally, I love my SV. Not sure I could afford it again but it was worth every penny. Heck I just upgraded the grip. I should have done it sooner when Sandy took them to Tulsa but did not.

You see a lot SVs at Rio Salado. Kodiak does nice work, of course I am extremely biased.

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I'd be interested in offering up some different STI and SVI limited/steel guns for guys to test drive... In both 9mm and 40 S&W sight trackers, bushing barrel and regular bull barrel varieties.


That'd be great! I'm proposing that we meet at Marion County Fish and Game on Saturday, January 2nd at 2 pm. I'm thinking that we set up a few pieces of steel, and test the different guns. I know it'll be cold, but we can keep warm in the clubhouse, and sneak outside to shoot and run back inside to stay warm.

I've also posted on the Indiana Gun Owners Forum because I figured that it may contact more local people. It sounds like we've got about a dozen people interested in coming, with the following guns:

Brazos Edge

STI Tactical



Glock 24

Glock 35


Possibly a Benny Hill Fat Free (I'm really hoping this one works out)

CZ Tactical Sport

Visitors to Marion County Fish and Game (non club members) would be required to pay the regular $10 visitor's fee. We'll probably shoot for 1-2 hours, and then grab some food at BW3's.



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Drive to Michigan! Lots of nice ones up here ;)


If you would bring down some of your pistol artistry, I'd buy you buffalo wings.... Ok, that's not a fair trade, but I had to try.


Chuck "master class wing eater"

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