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Help deciding on which Benelli M2 for USPSA / 3 gun


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I am trying to pick the best suited shotgun for 3 gun. I think I have decided on a Benelli M2 which I will than send off to Benny Hill.

Here is the first issue. I am right handed BUT I have always shot long guns LEFTY.

My first issue is whether to get a left handed shot gun. I will most likely load shells from my belt and or forearm strap. Most people seem to say that 21 inches is the best barrel length. If I go lefty, it looks like the shortest length available is 24 inches. I could have sworn that I saw a 21 inch lefty model advertised by Able Ammo in the past, but they know nothing about it when I called and it is no longer listed on their website.

So what you you reccomend? Seems choices are a 24 inch lefty M2 or the 21 inch righty M2.

I appreicate all of your help.


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24 or 21 doesn't really matter much, if you can find a 21 great, if not a 24 is fine.

If you plan to load the gun with your weakhand then getting a gun that is the opposite of the way you will shot it is best, because it's easier IMO to load a round in the chamber. So if you're going to shoot the gun lefty get a right handed gun as you can then stuff a round in the chamber with your right (weak) hand more easily (if it was a lefthanded gun you'd have to go over the top of the gun to access the chamber).

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I am right handed and gave consideration to getting a left handed gun for the reasons mentioned above. My idea was being right handed but loading left handed (weak hand loading - which I do) I could launch a shell into the chamber, smack the (enlarged) release button and carry on racing. I spoke to people in the know who said something like “yep, great idea, but on the Benelli it ejects to the left, it has the bolt handle on the left BUT the bolt release ON THE RIGHT!

IF you are going to weak hand load then I can see you having an advantage using a right handed gun. As most guns on the circuit are right handed it may be an idea to see if you can try one. It would be a shame for you to buy a gun then regret your decision.

Good luck. I hope you make the right decision for you.



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I have a 24", and for those matches where I can load whatever I want, or load more than 8+1 after the start.. I have a fairly long extension.. still hangs out about 1.5" past the 24" barrel. my 1100 was a 21" (I think).. the extra length on the M2.. never even notice it.

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BUT the bolt release ON THE RIGHT!

Unfortunately this is true, but I still think having an opposite handed gun is faster to reload when empty. But I have little experience with it as I am RH and so is my M2, but a RH buddy of mine with a LH M2 says it works well.

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I say right handed 21". I just got one and LOVE it. Took all of one session of practice to get used to

loading weak hand under the gun and in the chamber and bam hit the carrier button on the right w/ my finger. done deal.

Get it and go shoot the snot out of it. Oh and I just took it grouse/quail hunting here and it rocks! Double duty.


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Go with a right handed gun simply because when you shoot it off your left shoulder the bolt realease, ejection port, charging handle, etc. are right there in front of your eyes too see. It makes it a lit easier than looking over the gun and reaching over/under the gun to operate. I think a lefty shooting a right handed shotgun has an advantage for that reason. Except for the fact that the safety is bass ackwards but you are probably already used to that anyhow.

I have both a 21" M2 and a 24" M1. I prefer the 21" simply because it's lighter. I even run a long 11 round tube on the 21". With that said either one will work just fine.

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