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Dot Drill 101


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I am dense. On the 1+1 is this one draw then shoot middle dot once right dot once so Two shots, one on each dot, only one draw, correct? This would be referencing your #3 line in original post.


I used to write all of that directly on the target, so I wouldn't have to go looking it up at the range.

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It was good! The stickers just make it a whole lot easier to set up but on a "classic" target I find you can only get about 6 on with reasonable space between. On a USPSA target you should be able to get all 10 on (one in the b zone)

I've been working on longer distance shooting anyways so 10m still seemed close, I was surprised that I wasn't pushing the draw and taking whatever time I needed to guarantee the hit and I was still regularly pushing below 1.5 on most draws. And had the odd one go into the 1.6's. I think with a Limited or production gun 10m would be fine though I might push to 12m, for Open I want to shoot this again @ 15m

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Oh and Pat, that whole pushing it back to 15m thing with an open gun just pisses me off!! Lol

Post some target pics guys and state gun and distance.

Thanks EK! Basically, that's exactly as Pat prescribed, but a little different on the reps and round count. Don't think that matters much though. I did it at 7 yards.


Don't laugh!! Got some work to do as a lowly Open A at 7 yards!!

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Yeah, when you an clean it at 7 move back. Particularily with an Open gun.

Ignore your times, I always run this without a timer. The instance above was one of the only times I have ever run it with a timer.

Thanks Pat.

I like that this simple to do drill is deceptively difficult. I did play around with the idea of timing it, but kinda figured pushing the distance would be the way to go. I do use my timer for a start beep, but that's all. I can't believe how much better my groups inside the circles are getting!! I like your addition of the top circle. My One draw and six shots in that circle is just great to me. My ability to shoot those at a pace that, to me, is fairly quick with a good group, was Suprising.

Thanks again Pat.

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I don't draw in the top circle, my primary goal on that target is just to shoot as good of a group as possible. It also checks your zero or where your POI is. With a dot gun sighted @15m you will hit a bit low.

The other reason I don't draw on the top dot is I use it as a check against my grip when I draw. I've had occasions where I was not forming a good grip on the draw and I didn't realize this until I ran some drills without drawing and just started with the gun in my hand in a perfect grip.

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