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How do you determine a "Good Shot"

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We always here "He's a good shot" meaning someone shows some level of competency with a given firearm.

What would your standard be before you blessed someone with the coveted title of "Good Shot" with the following firearms

Pistol (auto or revo)

Rifle (optic or irons)

Shotgun (sporting or tactical)

This may be a good one...

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The word "a" in your question really simplifies things. I stopped shooting Benchrest and silhouette because they were boring, even though I was always a threat to win. Add speed to the equation and, at least for me, everything changes. To use the term "a good shot", I might go with:

Pistol: 3" group at 50 yards

Rifle: 3" group at 500 yards

Shotgun: 95% hit ratio

However, the hunting fields are really where a shooter proves his competency. The ability to hit live targets at a variety of yardages in a variety of conditions at any time is what I really call "a good shot."

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