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Need info on ghost ring sight install


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Hey folks,

I have a Remington 870P shotgun that needs a rear ghost ring sight installed.

I will be installing an LPA Rear Ghost Ring Sight...but I have a question about HOW MANY HOLES need to be drilled and tapped into the receiver.

Below are a few pictures of the sight itself. And if you look at the picture that shows the bottom portion of the sight, you'll see a screw in the middle - for elevation adjustment.




If I were to install the sight onto my receiver, how many holes would need to be drill and tapped? Is it just the forward and rear hole...or do I need to drill a hole for the center (elevation adustment) screw as well?

I have asked this very same question on another thread, but no has answered me.


In Christ: Raymond

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I have two of those same LPA rear ghost ring sights that I was planning on mounting to my two, 1100's . The $200 Fudd gun was gonna be the experiment first. And then if everything worked out right with the Fudd gun and it still ran, then I was going to do the "tacti-cool" next.

Yeah, I noticed the exact same thing with that center elevation screw.

My guess, really, is that I think that screw is gonna have to be ground down. I say it's all the better to booger up a 10 cent screw vs. a $200 on up to $600 shotgun receiver. If you don't feel like grinding down the screw, then you will just have to buy something shorter, I guess... if you can find it in the same size and threads per inch .

FWIW, I did buy the fancy B-square tap wrench that gets chucked in your drill press after you drill the hole.

One of the things that always puzzled me about the placement of that LPA sight was how far up or down to place it on the receiver??? Obviously if you go too far in any direction there will be gaps... which will make it look like crap. :surprise:

Please let me know how it goes and what front sight you are using?

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Never mind.

I just received my answer.

If this elevation adjustment screw goes below the bottom of the sight (like it does), then "YES," a third hole will need to be drilled into the receiver.

The hole does NOT need to be driled and tapped. The hole only needs to be large enough for the screw to go into, and you also do not need to drill all the way through the receiver. (If possible, just drill deep enough for the screw to clear in case you need to make an aggressive elevation adjustment).

So THAT'S the rest of the story.

In Christ: Raymond

PS: Chills1994, I am waiting on the taps that I ordered the other day. As soon as they arrive, I will post the step-by-step installation pix. And by the way...go HERE to check out what front sight I am going to use. :)

PSS: Do not, do not, do not, grind down that screw!!

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Hmmn... I don't know what I was thinking.

Anywhoo... Raymond and I have been PM'ing each other back and forth on this thread.

I think I figured out some things... like where to place the sight on the receiver, where there weren't any gaps and it didn't rock back and forth, front to back.

slight thread drift ahead....

The rear "sight" the AMU guys are using in this video still intrigues me:


At the 1:16 mark in the video, you can get a really good look at it.

Somewhere around here, there is a thread on it.

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